Reflecting Composition

Those that know me know I am a heavy left brain thinker and right brain need not apply. This has proven to be a successful trait in my life and my career. When I started getting serious about photography, I always tried to just capture what nature gave me, in […]

Black Rapid RS-7

Just received my Black Rapid RS-7 in the mail today. Initial impression is impressed. Defiantly a step up from the stock camera strap. I may do a full review at a later date if enough people request it, otherwise, here’s a quick video of how it works. And when I […]

Marumi ND8 Filter Review 3

 I recently went through the process of evaluating ND filters for an upcoming trip I am taking. In my search I had the following requirements I was looking to attain. Must be GlassMust be Multi-CoatedMust be True 3 StopsMust be CircularMust have no color cast Must not affect image quality […]