Monthly Archives: February 2014

Free iPhone/Tablet Backgrounds

Just as I’ve done before with my Desktop Wallpapers, I have pre-sized all of my photos in portrait orientation to fit high definition mobile displays. This means you can use them on nearly all smartphones or tablets. Obviously not all displays are created equal, however, you can adjust and move […]

Michigan Smartphone Wallpapers

Any Pinterest Interest?

I have created a Pinterest profile for those who wish to follow me on there. One feature I think is great over there is the mapping feature. It allows me to document the locations the places I’ve photographed which is great for you because that is one of the most […]

How to Create a Starburst in Your Images 1

A common question people ask me when I’m showing an image which has a light source with a pronounced star effect is; What kind of filter did you use to get that? The truth is, none. People are sometimes surprised with this answer. In this article I will show you […]

Icy Sunrise in Lexington, MI

Michigan Desktop Wallpapers 4

As a way to show my appreciation to the people who support and follow me, I now offer all of my images as desktop wallpapers for your Mac, PC, or mobile device. I have pre-sized these images for High Definition displays (1920 x 1080) so there will be no stretching […]